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Decorative Nails
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 What are decorative nails?
Strap Hinges
& Dummy Hinges

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Decorative Nail Heads with Stainless Steel Screw (Will not rust!)
No rusting bleeds on wood surfaces!
Our Premium Line

These quality made decorative nail heads are made to endure almost any weather condition.
Typically used on wood doors, gates and overhead doors. 

 Can be hammered  or screwed in with pre-drilling. 
Head is made of a zinc alloy with stainless steel screw  fused to underside.  Has durable black finish 
Has older "hammered" or "distressed" look.


3/4" Dia. Head Size
Black  Finish
Screw length is approx. 5/8"
$2.19 ea.  ON SALE $1.79 ea.


Made in USA

7/8" Dia. Head Size
Black Powder Coat Finish
Screw length is approx. 5/8"
$2.29 ea.  ON SALE $1.89 ea.




1 1/8" Dia. Head Size
Black Powder Coat Finish
Screw length is approx. 1/2"
$2.89 ea.



1 1/4" Dia. Head Size
Black  Finish
Screw length is approx. 3/4"
$2.99 ea.  ON SALE $2.29 ea.


Made in USA

1 1/2" Dia. Head Size
Matte Black Powder Coat Finish
 with timeworn hammered look

Screw length is approx. 7/8"
$3.09 ea.




1 3/4" Dia. Head Size
Black Powder Coat Finish
Screw length is approx. 1"
$3.49 ea.



Features / Advantages:

1. Will not rust (avoids rust bleed on wood)

2. Can be removed and re-attached for re-finishing door or gate

3. Great for garage doors where vibrations may loosen nail-in type

4. Excellent for all weather conditions including, rainy humid regions and coastal areas.

5. Possible use on fiberglass and metal doors







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See what a customer has done on a  Therma-Tru fiberglass door:
(Note: We do not suggest this application.  Some warranties may be voided if holes are drilled in door. 
There is also the risk of improper application.  We only show this as an aide and for those willing to take the risk)

Dummy Hinge
We now offer "stick-on"
dummy hinges

1 1/8" Round Clavos
with stainless steel screw
For information on how this was done, see below

Courtesy of R.S. of Pennsylvania

Bolt-on Door Knocker

Inside view of bolt heads
of door knocker


Attaching Dummy Hinges:

When installing the dummy hinges on the outside of the door first make sure that you allow for the weather stripping.  Make sure that you have the hinge exactly where you want it and that it is level and square with the door.  Again, apply masking tape where you are going to be marking the door for the holes.  Tape the hinge securely to the door to prevent any movement when marking the holes for drilling with a 5/32 drill bit.  I recommend using a self centering punch for this operation.  If you don't have one mark the hole on the outermost tip and drill that one and screw it down.  Make it secure but do not over tighten it. You will have to remove this later to apply the sealant.  Drill all of the holes for all of the hinges.  Be careful not to apply too much pressure and drill though the other side.  The holes closest to the hinge side will have solid wood backing so you will have good bite there but the outermost ones only have the fiberglass and insulation backing.  I used a Dow Corning RTV sealant clear color 732 Multi-purpose sealant.  It is also a very good adhesive.  Apply this sparingly, because cleaning it off of the fiberglass door is a very tricky and time consuming operation.  (I know) You do not want any excess squeezing out from behind the hinge.  Apply this to the back of the hinge in the center.  At the outermost holes just put a small dab at the hole to seal it.  Install the screws without over tightening them.

Attaching a bolt-through door knocker.
Drilling holes:
Make sure that you use a drill guide so the holes are aligned on the opposite side.  Use a brad point drill bit if you have one.  Place a piece of masking tape over the area where the holes are to be drilled on both sides of the door.  Easier to mark the tape than the fiberglass door.  Using a 1/4" dia. drill bit slowly drill the door.  The top will be a little hard but when drilled through it will go quickly, so be careful not to apply too much pressure.  Drill just deep enough for the brad point to mark the other side.  Continue the same for the other holes.  Turn the door over and complete the holes using the mark from the brad point as a guide..
Attaching knocker:
Apply a small amount of sealant around the holes or fabricate a washer out of rubber to prevent any moisture from infiltrating the door. Use this sparingly, as any excess that is squeezed out can be difficult to clean up.  The washers also help prevent any vibration from loosening the bolts and help make a more solid sound when used on a fiberglass door as opposed to a wooden door.  On the inside of the door use a 1/4" stainless steel flat washer to prevent any marking of the finish when you tighten the finish nut.  You won't notice the washer unless you intentionally look very hard for it since it is much smaller than the finish nut.  As an after thought, I could've painted the washers black to make them less noticeable.

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    What are decorative nails?

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Decorative door hardware including our decorative nails, decorative hinges, rustic hardware,  gate latches and gate hardware can enhance the value of your projects.  Whether it be strap hinges, dummy hinges, faux hinges, iron door knockers, clavos, door pulls, gate pulls, T hinges, unusual slide bolts and latches,  we are confident that the effect will increase the "curb appeal" and give you the satisfaction of being very unique.  Our gate hardware and other rustic fence gate hardware is high quality and used on wood doors, wood gates, cabinets, fences, furniture, appliances and more. We have now added entry locksets to our collection of hardware. Now featuring tuscan style door hardware.

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